Welcome to Judy Huck Art & Design

Judy Huck Art & Design, creates art products ranging from framed wall art, clothing, pillow cases, device cases, home decore and more. Visit my online stores to find unique items for yourself or as spectacular gifts.

Art Products – Judy Huck Art & Design has products available for purchase via various online outlets. Items range from clothing to mobile device cases to art work, home decor and more. My product designs are unique, creative and modern.

Orgone Devices – A new product that has been introduced are orgone devices. Each project is unique. You may ask “What is an orgone?” Orgone is the light, universal energy that is present in everything. It’s what stops decay and creates healing”. ORGONE is also known as prana, life force, ki, chi, mana, universal energy, etc. View the Orgone Section to find out more and find out what I have available.

Photography – Photos truly capture “more than a moment in time.” People and the colorful world around us fascinates me. Everyone has unique qualities which I attempt to capture in my photos. Visit my Viewbug portfolio to check out some samples.

Clothing – The custom leggings not only look good, but wear well and last long. Easy to care for – the vivid print will never fade after washing and the ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wears. Other items available range from Shorts, Skirts, Bodycon Dresses and more.

Device Cases – Artwork on the go. The artwork printed iPhone 7 Plus cases decorate your phone and help protect your device. Lexan plastic case with embedded print, UV and scratch resistant finish, our slim fit cases won’t add bulk to your device. Additional sizes and styles are available.

Feature Artist – Judy was listed as a feature artist on Art in Canada. >> Read more

Why Choose Judy Huck Art & Design

Canada-based mixed media artist Judy Huck makes paintings  using various techniques. Each piece has unique characteristics and are often abstract in nature. Judy’s work is colorful and bold.

Color is important to me in more ways than you can imagine. People who have viewed some of my work often comment how it is so colorful. I love working with colors and often use colors to evoke those colors and shapes in my art work.

The products are high quality and made in either Canada or the United States, depending on the store you choose. For projects that you choose to hire Judy Huck Art & Design to work on, the end goal is to create a product that the customer is proud to showcase and feel they were a part of the process. Check out some of the testimonials. >> Read more

Be sure to check out the Shop section for some unique items, some of which are available for shipping directly from Judy’s studio.

Judy Huck Art & Design is certainly flexible. As you are browsing through some of the products or have a unique idea for a product of your own, get in touch. Custom work is certainly available, depending on your needs.