Geode Art is Good for the Heart

Judy Huck Art & Design, creates original, handmade geode art pieces in various forms.  Made with high quality pigments, glitters, glass crystals, handmade resin crystal-look embellishments, and real quartz Crystals. Feel the energy from the embedded crystals.

Judy Huck Art & Design offers free standard shipping on in-stock items within Canada. Most custom orders will ship free as well and will be disclosed on your custom order invoice. At this time international shipping is not offered on my website. Message me to determine possibility and cost. All orders are shipped to you from Alberta. Visit the Geode Art Shop here to find the perfect one today.

They are perfect as home decor and unique gifts. Stunning one of a kind geode pieces in various colors available.

Judy Huck Art & Design is certainly flexible. As you are browsing through some of the products or have a unique idea for a product of your own, get in touch. Custom work is certainly available, depending on your needs. Follow me on Instagram as new products are posted there as well.

Disclaimer: The crystal healing information provided here is for guidance only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or service.