Photography has always been a passion mine. It inspires me in so many ways, some of which end up turning into a piece of art. Check out the photography book section to view some samples of my photography. A few of my favorite photos have also been posted to my Viewbug portfolio. Cheers 🙂


Pet photography is an area that I have been exploring. Capturing pets in their natural environment (unstaged pet photos) is an exciting challenge for me. Feel free to browse my pet photo gallery.


Spending time outdoors allows me to capture some creative photos to share with the world.


People and the colorful world around us fascinates me. Everyone has unique qualities which I attempt to capture in my photos.

Our Clients Say it Best

  • I am very impressed by Judy Huck Photography – their professionalism is commendable. Particularly impressive was the promptness with which my inquiry were responded and the personalised CD of photos which was prepared for keepsake. Most importantly, the photographer had genuine interest in the subjects and helped capture moments which we will cherish for life. Thumbs up to Judy Huck!

    –Meenakshi Joshi

  • We want to tell you how much we appreciated your patience and kindness shown to us throughout the photo shoot and thereafter! We thought your eye for capturing our kids in action was amazing, and the comfort level you expressed with them, made for recording some great moments…Ones we will cherish as a family for a long time! Also, the unexpected kindness you showed to us by giving us all our pictures (instead of just the 20) was an extra benefit that makes me feel like we will be seeing you once again in our future life together as a family! Picking just a few memories from our family photo shoot was a tough challenge for me, but knowing that I have the rest at our fingertips (because of the generosity and professionalism you extended to us), reinforced the valuable time you spent with us. Thank you for making memories with us, and we hope to meet with you again.

    –Sheeba Kalathoor

  • Got some great photos from Judy! Very impressed!!–Marion McFall