Judy Huck

Owner / Design Snazzy

My passion for photography began at an early age while growing up on a farm. I became intrigued by my father’s Kodak Brownie box camera. It amazed me how such a simple looking device could take a photo. From that point on many farm and people photos were taken, first in black and white, and later in color.

Photography faded out of my life for some time and then resurfaced when I bought my first digital camera around 8 years ago. It was at about that point in time when I realized that my interest in photography was deep rooted. I find something unique about everything around us. Photos truly capture “more than a moment in time.” People and the colorful world around us fascinates me. Everyone has unique qualities which I attempt to capture in my photos.

Technology has certainly changed the world of photography. Smart phones and advances in camera technology has allowed more and more people to take great photos. I find myself using my photography skills as a backdrop for my art work and design.


My Little Meeya

This little friend brings a smile to my face every morning.

Meeya is one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever known and is my inspiration in so many ways. I honestly don’t recall ever taking a bad photo of Meeya. Animals are so therapeutic.